4 Handy Tips with giving your kitchen a fresh touch!


So, does your kitchen need a makeover?
Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Sometimes all it needs is an upgrade! When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, here are 4 easy tips that we can help you achieve fast to transform your kitchen into a brand new space.

Splash on a fresh coat of paint
A fresh coat of paint goes a long way! This is the number one answer for a makeover in any room of your home. It’s your choice whether you wish to apply a new colour or just re spray your kitchen’s old tone. A tip when choosing new paint colours: if you have a smaller kitchen, using light colours gives an illusion of a larger space.

Light it up
Upgrading your kitchens lighting makes such a difference! You won’t just be able to see better with a well-lit kitchen, but it will also add a fresh spark and a welcoming buzz. Lighting including LED bars above the countertops, pendant lights and bar lights that gaze over the benchtops.

Update the cabinet doors
Painting, replacing or customising the cabinet doors, depending on your budget, this is such an easy way to splash a new colour around or totally change up the tone of your new kitchen. You will be amazed by how replacing the cabinet doors can transform your old kitchen.

Organise your storage spaces
If you have limited bench space, shelves and racks are a great way to add an extra storage space that doubles as a display. Creating island benches with hidden storage cupboards, create a space your furniture.

So, does your kitchen need a makeover?
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