5 simple ways to create a cosy home

While winter may be cold, there are easy, affordable ways to transform your interior into a warm and welcoming retreat. So escape the chill and update your home’s winter vibe with these 5 simple tricks.

Splash of Colour

Colour influences mood, so winter’s the time to switch up the palette as we turn to our homes for warmth and inspiration. A simple fix is to go for accessories in rich, deep tones, as they feel more luxurious and create a cosy atmosphere. Think bold burgundy and plum, deep emerald greens, rich ambers or regal navy. These colours offset dreary winter feelings and invigorate us. If less dramatic tones are your thing, mix navy with other earthy colours, like deep chocolate browns, light hazelnuts, latte-browns and creamy whites for a softer feel.

Think texture

Winter’s a time to create interest with accessories that add both warmth and texture. Plush fabrics, like velvet, wool, cashmere and faux fur, echo the season. Balance these with the luxurious feel of cushions, rugs and throws that are thick, loosely woven in natural fibres and tufted. Add a deep pile rug to cover colder tiles and soften living spaces. Even natural rattan light and lampshades allow winter sun to create interesting textural shadows on chilly days.

Light up winter life

A tranquil, restful ambience through long winter nights helps your home feel safe and comforting. Set the mood by swapping cooler white light bulbs for those with a warmer yellow glow. Add floor lamps in corners to add a soft focus and open up the room. Use aromatic candles liberally to add some extra light & cozy, warm scents. Group them so their flames cast gentle light, and choose scents that evoke winter: earthy, musky fragrances, warm and heady vanilla, or spicy cinnamon and patchouli. Nothing says winter like a roaring fire. If an indoor fireplace is not an option, go for an outdoor fire pit. Rug up, face the chill, and gather round a crackling fire to toast marshmallows.

Get layering

More is more in winter: more cushions, throws and rugs. Layering accessories of different textures is a great way to create a snug, cosy atmosphere. Think about sheepskin, chunky knit blankets and soft cushions. By using warm, tactile materials in the same colour family, variations in tone and pile makes it inviting. Layer textures successfully by starting with the lowest pile, and build on that. Imagine a leather sofa with velvet cushions, and a sheepskin throw – because they are so different, the styles complement each other well.

Re-arrange, re-imagine

Use space differently from your summer living, and reorganise furniture to work for winter. Group small sofas cosily around the fireplace, or where they encourage conversation like around a smaller coffee table. Bring out the comfortable armchair from the bedroom and place it in a sunny reading corner with a chunky throw. In your kitchen, display brightly coloured pottery, and add an extra pop of colour with a set of boldly coloured wine glasses in an open cabinet.
Remember, a warm, welcoming home is great for your wellbeing!
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