Aspect is a word overlooked & often underestimated in the discerning buyer’s vocabulary.
Aspect is undoubtedly the most important consideration when buying residential land, from the rising & setting of the sun to everything in between. This will influence the design & layout of your home. The virtues of aspect have enormous psychological value. Get it right & you will have years of enjoyable healthy living. Design Master Homes is here to help, we have dedicated architects who leave no stone unturned.

Kitchen & bedrooms. Where are you going to put these?
No one wants kitchens or bedrooms that catch the hot afternoon western sun, your evening meal & rest time should be a relaxed affair. Even the best insulation won’t reduce the heat absorbed by masonry walls. Consider placing your garage, laundry, bathrooms on the western side of your home. Bedrooms on the eastern side.
Has it been your experience to start the day with sun streaming in to your bedroom, who could ask for a better start to the day?
Dining, living, lounge & alfresco outdoor living should take advantage of the view available, only check the predominant prevailing winds. Enjoy those summer evenings looking out over the expanse, install a firepit for those cosy winter evenings.
An efficient design will give you noticeable savings for years to come. Let us help you in considering the important aspect of your house.
Make your choice of land wisely, design your home well & place your home where it takes advantage of all nature has to offer.
Design Master Homes invite you to discuss your intended land purchase & if you have already bought help with your design, so you get the best of both worlds.
Come on in, we are waiting.