Building vs Buying!


Design Master Homes (DMH) would like to help you make an informed decision on whether you should build or buy.

Acquiring a home is an exciting but challenging goal for you. There are risks & unknowns associated with both buying and engaging a home builder to construct your home. It is our duty as a trusted home builder to explain both the risks & how to effectively minimise these risks by promoting the benefits to you.

There are many reasons why & where people choose to live, family, schools, work, social status, character home etc, for this reason you may choose to buy, also being aware the home you purchase isn’t ‘just quite right’ may not have insulation, has poor heating & ventilation properties & will need renovations to suit your day to day living requirements. There is always the unknown expense with renovations, e.g.; what may be found when you get in behind those walls, ceiling space, structural movement, termites, moisture, out of date dangerous electrical cabling just to name a few very real problems encountered by renovators. To meet the requirements of local authorities & the integrity of the builder engaged in the contract along with the need to protect your investment the project you have undertaken has now ‘blown out’.

Another item often overlooked is the choice of tiles, door hardware, plumbing fixtures/fittings, floor coverings etc, whilst they look very tasteful & have a luxurious appeal are often expensive. Suddenly without intent by, giving yourself a little indulgence you have now exceeded your budget & an even more alarming prospect is that you may have over capitalized on your investment.

Not to mention the ongoing maintenance costs especially external painted surfaces. Having said this, you may purchase a home that ticks every box, meets all your requirements. Perfect. Congratulations.

Engaging a builder to construct your home gives you endless scope, fulfils the great “Australian Dream” and is usually only limited by budget constraints. You can choose the size of the allotment, the size of the dwelling, room layout, number of bathrooms, garages, alfresco area, the list is endless & the opportunities are there!

But BEWARE…… unfortunately there are home builders out there that offer a base contract on their terms with hidden extras. Client buys of their plan, subject to; for example, Soil testing, Engineers reports. Look at the inclusions carefully & what they have to offer.

When choosing your builder consider, are they & their contractors QBCC licensed, look for a builder that cares, one that is prepared to sit down with you, advise the for’s & against’s, engage with you, assure you, listen to your needs, look after your future requirements & meets with your expectations.

Energy efficiency ratings & industry safety standards required today are further advanced than ever, giving you the leading edge in energy savings & protection in your home. You can be sure your new environmentally friendly home is maintenance free, has adequate insulation, thermal properties, efficient low cost LED lighting, smoke alarms & a circuit breaker safety switch board.

If a new home is for you, this is your contribution to the environment. The choice is yours.

Finally, we extend an invitation to you for an absolutely no obligation meet & greet consultation with Design Master Homes Senior Design Consultant to discuss what you expect your new home to be?

To arrange for an appointment that is convenient for you, contact our friendly sales team on 1300 459 150  or email



The Team at Design Master Homes