Custom Built Family-Friendly Homes


When it comes to family homes it’s safe to say, it’s not a case of one size fits all! If your family consists of a variety of ages – younger kids, teens, adults. Then you are looking for a home design that helps you all happily live under the same roof.
It’s mostly definitely possible to cater for all ages, it just means when diving into the new home design process, you will need to take some specific considerations into account.

So what do you need to look for when it comes to designing a home that suits two or three generations at the same address?

Create Zones- We all love our families, right? But trust us when we say that separation is key when it comes to designing your new home to suit all ages. Dedicating small zones gives everyone the space they need, whether you choose to go with a two-storey design that allows the parents to have their own wing upstairs, or a single-storey with the master suite set at the other end of the house to the other bedrooms.

Be Flexible- If you are making the most of a small block, it makes perfect sense to design flexible spaces that can easily evolve as your family evolves. One example, instead of dedicating one room for guests that may hardly be used, design a space that could double up as a toy room, study or even a teenager hub.

Large Garage- Having a large storage cupboard or space in your garage is the perfect spot to store sporting gear, hobbies, outdoor pursuits, boxes of your prize possessions safely.

Big bedrooms- If you have the space, this is a great idea for teens. A space that you can easily cater for sleepovers, teen get-togethers where you need to quickly fit in another bed or sofa.

Second living area- If you have spare space, a second living area is a big plus as it means when young and old can have separate spaces when entertaining their friends. Also known or can be marked as- ‘home theatre’ on your home plan.

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