Enjoyable & Stress Free Building Experience


The market is flooded with builders, you only have to do an internet search to find them all! When you are renovating and extending your home and investing so much financially and emotionally, you need a specialist who is used to the interface with an existing structure, not just a jack of all trades who might not be up to delivering what you are hoping for.
So what does the term ‘Professional Builder’ REALLY mean and aren’t all builders supposed to be professionals?
‘Professional Builders’ don’t operate like other builders. They specialise in what they do which is why you must do more than search for just a builder.
Being professional is all about acting ethically and in the client’s best interests.
Not all builders will do this.

When you engage with a professional builder, their obligation to you starts from the very first contact, not once you sign a building contract, but from the very first meeting. At Design Master Homes, we will be with you from the very first meeting through to the completion of your home and beyond.
A professional builder will have systems in place to ensure tasks are completed as planned and on time. We run each of our jobs systematically and have a detailed schedule detailing when certain trades are on the job, what tasks are being completed, when and how long a job will take. Each of our clients are kept well informed right throughout the building process. Nothing is hidden from the client and everything is transparent from the start of the job to the handover of keys. A relationship of trust is developed between the builder and the client.
At Design Master Homes we are proud members of Master Builders. We work with a group of like-minded professionals/ trades people, who work hard to set goals to improve outcomes for our clients. This all contributes to ensure that we are around for the long haul, unlike many other builders.
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