Four Easy Ways You Can Bring Your Alfresco Space To Life

Outdoor living is a great part of Australian culture and lifestyle with our weather lending itself to a relaxed outdoor way of life. Whether you have a huge, grassy backyard, or just a small courtyard that perfectly catches the morning sun, outdoor areas are the first place to show signs of age if they aren’t carefully maintained.
Here are four helpful tips that will help you revive and restore a sense of freshness to your alfresco space – leaving it feeling brand new – and potentially increase the value of your home.

Add some greenery.
Adding greenery to a courtyard space is extremely beneficial. Not only will it freshen up the space, but it will also add colour and texture. If your alfresco space has a neutral colour palette, greenery will help to brighten up the area. Pick your favourite plants and place them together for impact. Plants and flowers are also renowned for having an impact on your mood.

Create a feature
Don’t limit creative features to your interior design! Features are a great way to create a sense of character and personality in your alfresco space. Adding a sculpture or water feature is a good place to start – or if you’re feeling adventurous, add a pop of colour to one of the walls. If you have lots of greenery, neutral colours serve as a perfect backdrop. Furthermore, a big outdoor grass area is the perfect space for a sculpture. Look for sculptural pieces that incorporate industrial materials such as steel and brass, as when placed in a natural environment – the juxtaposition is eye catching.

Have a big spring clean
Nothing refreshes a space more than a big spring clean. If you have a patio, use a high-pressure hose to remove all dirt and signs of wear and tear. Cleaning pavers will instantly brighten up your space. Having your deck re-oiled will have your area looking brand new without the cost of replacing it. Go through your garden and de-clutter and prune your plants. Cobwebs are the biggest sign of age, so by regularly clearing them, you will encourage unwelcomed eight-legged creatures to take up residency elsewhere!

Replace old furniture
Replace your tired furniture with new pieces that will have your space looking brand new. Furniture selection needs to be carefully considered when dressing the space. Large pieces will make a small space feel smaller and if you have a large space, small furniture will make the space seem empty. So focus on incorporating items that will allow you to make the most of your alfresco area, as well as pieces that will stand the test of time with regards to trends and design. If you don’t want to replace your furniture, you can recover old furniture or reinvigorate your old furniture with new cushions. Lighting is also really important in decorating your outdoor area as it helps to set the tone. Up/down wall lighting with dimmable features can create a sense of ambience in the space – especially when entertaining. In addition, upward facing spotlights can draw attention to any feature plants you may have in your alfresco area.