How to give your bedroom a fresh spring makeover…

Updating your bedroom according to season is a fantastic way of reorganising a sense of space and cleanliness. It can be as simple as changing the bed sheets and linen, or you could go as far as harmonising the interiors to reflect seasonal elements. So with spring in full bloom, you may be feeling inspired and have an urge to renew.
Here are some tips, big and small, that will help you spruce up your home ahead of a seasonal shift. It will only take a few hours to make your home feel brand new again!

First things first, with each season you need to ‘spring clean’ and de-clutter. Re-ignite a sense of light and space. Re-organise your cupboards and shelves before starting any redecorating. Utilise baskets and storage space to put objects that clutter the space, out of sight. Bear in mind that you must be organised in this approach! Don’t just hide everything in the cupboards. Catalogue your belongings so you know where everything is.

Keep it simple – a seasonal update can be as little as changing your bed sheets. Something lighter for the warmer months and something heavier and cosier for the cooler months. One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your bedroom addition of fresh flowers and plants. There is nothing more inspiring with spring than a big dose of plant life! House plants make any room look luxurious and are a great way of integrating the outdoors into your room.

Lampshades and cushions – while they may be small items, they can change the entire look and feel of the room. Keep things exciting with a seasonal rotation. Warm colours in winter and light/bright colours in summer. New items such as these can be complimented with an update of your accessories. Maybe a new candle or vase. It’s amazing the impact small changes can have on a room.

Curtains!? Take down heavy curtains as the warmth approaches and replace them with light, linen drapes. Clean your windows and let that sun shine in! Think linens, cottons and silks as the cooler months’ approach.

Mix it up for the season and don’t be afraid to let your imagination go wild – just a few touches of colour will instantly light and brighten your space. Floral and bold patterns will give a new lease of life in the space. You can even add some new bold accents like a piece of art. If you want to go a step further, mix and match with textures. This is a great way of adding personality and decorative interest in the room!