Make your move, but stress free!

Everyone knows that moving house can be a stressful process. Trying to decide what to keep and what to throw away, plus trying to convince the kids to let go of that toy they haven’t played with for two years is enough to drive anyone crazy!

Below are a few helpful tips to help take the pressure off.

Preparing for the move:
Be organised and do things early. If there is anything that can be done in advance – do it!
Label all boxes. This will ensure they are distributed to the right room and items are easily found when unpacking.
Seek help where you can! Hire a removalist and confirm a week prior to your booking. Find a cleaner to help you clean the old house and a gardener to assist with tidying up the gardens.

Once you’ve settled in:
Install a letterbox as Australia Post will not deliver any mail if your home does not have one.
Remember to redirect your mail, Australia Post has a handy redirection service or they can hold onto your mail and you can pick it up.
Check all circuits in your meter box are turned on to ensure all power is live.

Finally, organise a housewarming party. Celebrate moving into your new home and invite your family and friends around so they can check out your brand-new Design Master home!