Termites when building


Termites are a destructive pest! And you should never be complacent about their whereabouts. Research suggests rainfall & temperature are the influencing factors in termite activity. They are attracted to moisture & warm areas behind wall cladding etc… A common deterrent is not unlike that of reptile management, keep timber away from the house, control vegetation & water management.
The Building Code of Australia requires that all new homes and extensions have a termite management system in place in all areas (except Tasmania, where the termite risk is negligible). Homes built after July 1995 must have a ‘durable notice’ of treatment fixed to a prominent position in the building usually near the meter box or the under the sink listing the following,
• method of termite management
• date of installation
• life expectancy of chemical barriers, and
• recommended future inspections.
If you’re building a new home or doing a substantial renovation, be sure to put in appropriate physical or chemical barriers. A variety of products have become available to reduce the termite risk. eg; steel frame construction, treated timbers.
Design Master Homes have incorporated a risk management plan in their building program to ensure you get the best protection available.
Remember to ask your consultant about Design Master Homes pest management plan.