The Finish Line is So Close….!!

Firstly, Congratulations! You’re so close to getting into your new Design Master home. In these final stages there will be a lot of different tradies and suppliers in and out of your home installing all the finishing touches. You need it 100% perfect for the envy party with your family and friends (or housewarming party, as some people call it, whatevs), right?!

What’s happening inside?

Internally, the fixing carpenter will come in and install shelving, doors, and the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. The plumbing and electrical fixtures will also be installed. Plus your internal painting will also be done. Phewww, it’s times like this when our early scheduling skills pay off!

What about outside?

When it comes to the external works, there’s just as much going on. The garage hardstand will be poured, the termite treatment and external paving will be completed, and the garage door will be installed.

And the extras?

Anything else that you included in your contract – perhaps you opted for floor coverings, window treatments, or air-conditioning (or all three) – will be completed in this stage too.

From here, your site manager will contact you to organise an onsite meeting. Don’t forget to bring someone along to record your reaction. You need to capture the first time you lay eyes on your shiny new kitchen and bathrooms, don’t you?