Try these tips for a perfect paint job!

A bad paint job can bring down the whole look and value of your home, so making sure it is done right is important. If you choose to DIY painting, achieving paint perfection isn’t so complicated with our best tips.
Choosing the colours you want is just the start; you need to ensure that you get the right paint for the job too. Rushing in without proper preparation could be costly in the long run, so research is very critical. Remember the finished product is only as good as the preparation it gets!

Here’s How To Achieve Paint Perfection In Your New Home:
Choose Your Base: Oil or Water?
There are two choices when it comes to picking which paint base you prefer, but water based definitely comes out on top.
Most paint finishes are water based as they are so much easier to work with – they are able to be cleaned off tools and other surfaces with water and have faster drying times. And are relatively low odour. On the other hand, oil based paints are known for having a strong smell, taking a lot longer to dry, and is also impossible to clean off without using a thinner, such as mineral turpentine.
Which Sheen?
If you have never had anything to do with paint, especially if you are a first home buyer, trying to choose which sheen is best can be overwhelming. High gloss or semi-gloss? Satin or low sheen? Flat or matte?
There are definitely certain rules for what is suited to where. For a perfect finish that will last, it is worth getting some expert advice. Semi-gloss water based paint is the most popular choice for walls, as it gives a smooth finish and is easy to wipe clean when needed. Matte finishes however are recommended for ceilings to hide imperfections.
The paint section in Bunnings is a great place to visit for inspiration and advice. There are hundreds of swatches on display and the staff are fully trained in all matters paint.
Trim Tips
Window frames, architraves and skirting boards usually show wear and tear before anything in a home, so this needs to be taken into consideration. A hardwearing enamel paint is the best option when it comes to painting these trims.
The doors in your home are also another area that will benefit from enamel paint, and semi-gloss is a popular choice for doors. Light coloured oil based enamels have a tendency to yellow.
The Great Outdoors
When decorating the outside of your home, you’ll need to use a paint that is specifically for that purpose.
Living in Australia, it is particularly important to choose a paint that can withstand the scorching Australian sun. Exterior paints are designed to last against the sun’s UV rays, and are also resistant to dirt.
Using the correct paint for a specific job is a no-brainer. The alternative is having to spend a large amount of money, as well as endure a whole lot of unnecessary inconvenience, to fix the problems that will eventually arise.
Care of your Outdoors
Painted surfaces are like your car, they need a wash. A wash & scrub with a soft brush every 12 months will increase the life expectancy of your painted surfaces.
Do plenty of research and consult the experts so you can enjoy your home now and over the coming years. Get in contact with us today to find out more!