Welcome to the team Les!

Design Master Homes would like to welcome our new salesman, Les Boyton, to our Toowoomba based construction business. Les brings 30 years of knowledge and experience to our already innovative team.

While Design Master Homes has a portfolio of designs for your perusal, Les specializes in designing your new home to suit your block, taking into account maximization of any views, aspect that will affect energy efficiency, and slope of the land so that there is minimum disturbance of the ground and no need for unsightly and expensive retaining walls. With all these factors accounted for, your everyday living enjoyment will be immensely enhanced.

Unlike some other companies, Design Master Homes listens to your wants and needs before estimating the agreed upon design. Les will visit your block to ensure every cost has been allowed in the estimate he provides for your new home, prior to construction. As Design Master Homes works on a fixed price contract, you know that once the agreed upon price has been inserted into the contract, that is your final price and there are no nasty surprises at the end of the construction of your new home.

Once construction of your new home begins, Les is still available for any queries you may have right till the end of construction. Signing of the contracts is not the end of Les’s commitment to you.

Les is able to design a plan to suit both your requirements and your budget. Design Master Homes uses only quality inclusions such as customised kitchens, robes and vanities during construction.

We will be releasing our new luxury designs over the next few months. These new homes are for the more discerning person and some will be designed specifically for certain areas of Toowoomba and surrounding areas. Use of new and different types of products will be a feature of these designs.

For any enquiry you may have for the construction of your new home, please contact Les on 0457 720 035 or by email les@designmasterhomes.com.au