What is a Custom Home Builder?

When it comes to building your dream home, one of the first considerations you need to make is whether you want a custom design or one that’s off the plan. Doing your research and knowing your family’s certain needs is a great start. Read on to find out more about custom home builds to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Custom Build- Defined

So, what is a custom build and what does a custom builder do exactly? Custom builds are architecturally designed one-off plans prepared specifically for the needs of you & your family. When you choose a custom builder, they will give you the opportunity to control the lot size, layout and design of your new home.
When it comes to deciding whether to go with a custom build, there are two distinct benefits that might apply to your certain circumstances:
Offers you flexibility – Custom builds can be moulded into your desired needs & style, making it perfect for blocks of land that have a funny shape or distinctive slope.
Provides plenty of options – Custom builds are designed to suit the actual block of land and its orientation, your lifestyle and your budget.
Some other factors to also consider include:
Available budget and potential cost savings, Time to build the home, Land dimensions, The degree of customisation and options being sought, Viewing the home before its built.

Why we love custom builds

When people think of custom design, they automatically assume it’s going to be expensive and out of their reach. At Design Master Homes, we strongly believe in obtainable luxury, which is why all our custom builds come at an affordable & your budget price point.
With 36 years of building affordable, luxury homes, we know what our customers want. This has made our team experts in space, size, style and substance. We make it our mission to translate the details that are important to you into beautiful but affordable homes that make sense for you and your family.

What you can expect from our custom build process

At Design Master Homes we know you want a builder that knows what they’re doing. Someone who’ll listen to you and work with you to extract the details and lift them off the page. Our main focus is on delivering superior customer service, high quality and individuality.
That’s why every home is a custom build. We’re not your regular home builders – we’re craftsmen with a down-to-earth, customer first philosophy. We’re focused on all the little details that make a house a home, which is why nothing is overlooked and each and every build is unique.
With a proud heritage spanning several decades, the Design Master Homes team consists of professionals who are passionate and driven in the way they bring a client’s vision to life. Whether we start from a blank canvas or you have a file full of inspiration, our Building and Design consultants will sit down with you and plan out your dream home.