Why First Home Buyers Go Hand in Hand with New Homes…

What could be better than moving into a brand new home? How about moving in as a first home buyer? First home buyers and new homes go hand in hand for so many reasons, let us tell you why!

Tailored to you
First and foremost is a distinct advantage – a brand new home means building a property that’s tailored to your needs. Building a new home gives you the opportunity to choose every last detail just as you like it, from the design to the fittings and fixtures. When you buy an existing home, you don’t get this opportunity because the design, layout and decor have been chosen to suit someone else. Of course, you could renovate, but that can come with headaches and a hefty price tag.

When everything is brand new, you have the advantage of a low-maintenance home. New homes won’t require immediate repairs or changes when it’s time to move in. Built with the latest technologies and efficiencies, new homes suit today’s lifestyle. And as a bonus, this generally means they are more energy efficient.

Everybody understands that purchasing a home is a significant investment, so knowing it’s protected and secure gives good peace of mind. When you build and buy brand new, the house comes with a warranty provided by the builders; this is required by law for a period outlined by each state government. Your new home warranty covers defects in the structure, work, and materials.

Stamp duty savings
Building a new home can save you on stamp duty because stamp duty is levied on the value of the land at the time it is bought. If there’s an existing house on that land, it’s likely you will be paying higher stamp duty fees.

Design Master Homes offers affordable packages for all first home buyers so visit our design team in office or check out our basic home plans we can tailor for you or we can start from scratch & come up with your perfect dream home!