Why this Covid-19 Era is the perfect time to start your home build!

Covid-19 has disrupted lives the world over and the general outlook is that it will do so for a little while yet. A restricted way of living has become the new norm for so many people, and yet it is also becoming apparent that it’s a time of new opportunities.

Couples are starting to use their spare time to plan their new home. To dream and think and sketch and research and discuss and refine. And it makes perfect sense! Covid-19 is a short-term finite era – we will look back in years to come and see that, although serious and far-reaching, it was but a blip on the radar from a time perspective.

And building is a process, involving a span of months or even years. Sometimes the actual build process is shorter than the planning process. And that’s the reason for this article – to highlight the unprecedented opportunity to start the ball rolling for a brand new dream home.

Here is some interesting observations:

– In Australia, the building industry is operating relatively normally under the essential services rules. There are obviously several factors that are making day to day operations slower and trickier, but it is still moving along.

– The discussion with a builder for your new home can take place over the phone or even using video conferencing. Documents are sent electronically.

– You will likely get better service due to the lower number of customers in discussion with the builder. First-class service is always a treat to be enjoyed.

– Builders may be changing their product offering for the better in times like this to attract new customers – once again, a great opportunity to get more bang for your buck or get features that were not previously available.

So, look ahead a bit, and start thinking more seriously about that new home you have been wanting. Reach out to your builder now and you will find that you will be streets ahead – in more ways than one – once the economy revs up at the other end of the tunnel!